Beanie Sigel Calls Dame Dash The ‘Malcolm X’ Of Hip-Hop

Beanie Sigel Reflects on Time His Relationship With JAY-Z Left Him "Crushed"

In a recent interview with Personal Party Podcast, Beanie Sigel explained why he thinks that Rocafella Records co-founder Dame Dash is the “Malcolm X” of hip-hop.

In the interview, Beanie showed nothing but praise for Dash and likened him to the civil rights activist due to the care he showed artists over the years.

“Dame would be like the Malcolm X of Hip Hop,” Beanie said. “No bullshit, ‘cause I’m trying to think of one word. You can’t describe Dame with one word. But when I see Dame, he like X. He like Malcolm.”

Beans was integral to Rocafella’s early days and dominance throughout the 90s and 2000s, contributing to hits like “You, Me, Him and Her,” “What We Do,” “Roc the Mic,” and “Flipside.”

During the split between Jay-Z and Dame, the latter had publicly claimed that Beanie was leaving Roc-A-Fella to join him at his new label with Kareem Burke. However, his group, State Property, opted to stay with Roc-A-Fella, leading Beans to question their loyalty. He later said that he was signing with Dame and Burke because he had a better relationship with them than he did with Jay.

“I’ve never been around Jay on an off day. It ain’t like I made a choice of running with Dame and Biggs or ‘Dame and Biggs held me down through my whole trial.’ It’s not that. I would be a sucker if I said I [signed with the Damon Dash Music Group] because they did that for me. It’s love. You see how we chillin’ now, this ain’t about no business,” he said to MTV in 2005.

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