Boosie Has An Interesting Theory About Kanye Being Jesus Christ Reincarnated

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Boosie might be known for his polarizing and unfiltered thoughts and opinions, but his recent comments about Kanye might be the craziest yet.

The Baton Rouge rapper recently made an appearance on the Get Yo Ass Up podcast where he presented a theory about Kanye West maybe being Jesus Christ reincarnated. Of the reasons he thinks Ye might be Jesus, Boosie said that Kanye once called himself Yeezus, the Yeezy slides look like Jesus sandals, and he was talking about how “the Jews felt.”

“I think Kanye thought he was Jesus, he named his name Yeezus, his clothes looked like Jesus when he got stabbed on ’em, his slippers look like Jesus sandals, I think he thought he was Jesus,” Boosie said. “I think he thought he was Jesus. He was talking about how he felt the ‘Jews was,’ he’s deliberately dogging Blacks.’”

He even said that Kanye resembled Jesus when he was letting is beard grow out earlier last year. “When you see him his hair is growing on his face looking like this like damn Jesus. Scrapes on his clothes, look at his slippers… It might be true, I might be wrong! But it sure look like it to me.”

Boosie’s theory is the complete opposite of D.L. Hughley, who likened Ye to Lucifer.

“I really fault a lot of these people who are taking advantage,” D.L. began. “Well, I can’t say they’re taking advantage.” He then questioned why Ye’s team would allow him to jump from show to show knowing that he is going to make outlandish and controversial statements.

“I think that—biblically, Lucifer was a cherub. He was—his name means Morning Star. Lucifer was beautiful and he was God’s minister of music. He was exalted, and he was perfect. And Lucifer had seen God. He knew that he was created by him. But Lucifer was so charismatic and so talented, he talked other angels in trying to bum rush heaven.”

“If talent and charisma is so mesmerizing, so intoxicating, it can make angels rise up against God it can make us alter our understanding of things. We’ll start to believe things. That is the most dangerous thing about what’s going on here,” Hughley added. “It says a lot that a man who loves Hitler and Trump. It says a lot that you love those two people. And it says even more that people are contorting themselves to make that make sense.”

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