Bow Wow Calls for a Hip-Hop Union: ‘Hip Hop Needs a Board!’


Words by: Brandon Simmons

Bow Wow believes Hip Hop needs to make changes.  The 35-year-old rapper feels the music industry is like the NBA and should form a union.  He took to Twitter to express his thoughts.

”Hip Hop needs a board! No different than the NBA w/ the players association. A committee.  That can set rules and keep things in control and protect this thing we call hip hop!  And have a retirement plan for the OG rappers…”

LL COOL J’s brand, Rock the Bells, agreed with Bow Wow on Twitter as they stated they have ensured that veteran rappers are being taken care of.  This isn’t a new message in hip-hop, as other artists such as Public Enemy have spoken up.

Chuck D, KRS-One, and Kurtis Blow formed the Hip Hop Alliance union last year.  KRS-One spoke about the new union on his Instagram page.

”Managers, Artists, Agents, Engineers and Producers, what is the retirement plan, healthcare plan, and fare commission standards for us? What is a fare wage for what we do within ‘hip-hop’ as an industry?…Answer: The Hip Hop Alliance!”

Bow Wow was just in Sydney, Australia, for the Juicy Fest performing with other legendary artists such as Ne-Yo, JA Rule, and Mya.  The “Fresh Azimiz” rapper has been hitting the road as of late.  He was on The Millenium Tour that ended late last year.

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