Daniella Emilien, Former Celebrity Hairstylist Creates Ivy League Academy To Teach Financial Freedom

Daniella Emilien

Daniella Emilien created Ivy League Academy in order to pass on the knowledge she gained from her personal experience. The former celebrity hair stylist, formerly known as “Hair by Ivy,” has styled several celebrities including City Girls, Paris Hilton, Reginae Carter and more. Her business became extremely lucrative given her quantitative demand and the status of her clients.

“I made a lot of money, but I spent a lot as well because I did not have the education of how to manage it,” said Emilien.

While the cash flow helped to expand her business, it did not equate to the good credit needed to scale both her lifestyle and business. Daniella recalls going to a dealership to purchase a BMW. While she was able to purchase with a downpayment and a lender, her time in the car was short-lived.

“The dealership called me back a week later and told me the bank did not want to move forward because of my credit adversities,” Daniella says. “Although it was embarrassing, I learned that credit speaks volumes.”

Her credit would later improve after doing in-depth research on how to better her credit history.

“Once I learned to leverage credit, I was able to obtain a lot of capital to pay brand ambassadors, invest in inventory and so much more,” said the Florida.

Emilien encourages both business and non-business owners to establish relationships with banks/lenders to build credit. She also adds the development of a team of dedicated individuals helps to scale businesses efficiently.

Daniella Emilien is gearing up to host The Black Wealth Exchange Summit on August 6th. The Black Wealth Exchange Summit is a one-day event curated for black professionals and entrepreneurs. It was created to expand the minds of the Black community while stressing the importance of circulating the Black dollar. 

Emilien can be reached at @ivyleagueacademy and encourages a wealth mindset by joining as well. One of her client’s was recently able to close on a home from implementing the credit strategies from the academy.

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