Dr. Fauci Eyeing Retirement Before the End of Biden’s Term

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Dr. Anthony Fauci is eyeing retirement. Dr. Fauci has served under multiple presidents and aims to finish in his role before the conclusion of President Joe Biden’s term as president.

According to Politico, Dr. Fauci’s retirement would end tenure of over five decades of federal service. Speaking with CNN, Fauci notes continuously being the subject of attacks from Republicans does not weigh in his decision to retire. Fauci has not noted a specific end date and has yet to initiate his retirement process.

“It has nothing to do with pressures, nothing to do with all of the other nonsense that you hear about, all the barbs, the slings and the arrows,” Fauci said. “That has no influence on me.”

Fauci’s decision comes as COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations are on the rise. An average of 130,000 new infections are reported each day and the average number of deaths is 350 per day.

The Centers for Disease Control are once again recommending masks are worn indoors to counter the rising spread of the virus.

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