How Crocs Made a Comeback

Crocs Collabs

Despite a brief tide of popularity back in 2002, Crocs was banished from any possibility of fashion-forwardness. The Crocs craze has persisted longer than most expected, but it is no secret why. During the Coronavirus pandemic, the consumer mindset shifted to welcome all things comfort. 

Innerwear has become the new outerwear, with an emphasis on instant gratification. Consumers worldwide are placing more value on convenience, especially in retail. This has created the space for brands like Crocs to elevate regular comfortability with expressive nuances. 

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Living in a post-quarantine world, Crocs are still seen all over social media’s influencers and celebrities. Collaborations with brands and celebrities like Diplo, Bad Bunny, Post Malone, Justin Beiber, General Mills, and Balenciaga- to name a few- have contributed to the brand’s popularity amongst Gen Z. However, the Crocs craze is not age specific. Older audiences are taking to the shoe’s functionality and ease of access. Crocs are the unconventional cool shoe from beachgoers and students to NBA stars and celebrity artists. 

As crocs have become an acceptable form of footwear in today’s social climate, there is another pillar to their success. The customizable Jibbitz charms are a throwback to comparing Silly Band shapes for Gen Z consumers. These Jibbitz feature animals, initials, characters, blinged-out emoticons, and numerous other customization options to showcase your personality. 

Crocs have inspired the creation of numerous shoe silhouettes released by Sketchers, Birkenstock, Puma, and Yeezy. Whether they are a figment of anti-fashion statements, Crocs has accumulated a loyal following. With alternative shoe styles on the rise, such as Moon Boot and clogs, Crocs has climbed from being named one of the 50 worst inventions by TIME Magazine in 2010 to an established easy staple in several closets. 

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