ICYMI: Here’s KenTheMan’s Panty Dropper for 2022 National Underwear Day


KenTheMan’s newest single, “No Panties,” is the perfect panty dropper for 2022 National Underwear Day! The Houston rapper who was recently named a 2022 XXL freshman is known for her assertive lyrical nature, hence her moniker “KenTheMan.” The song’s pleasurably provocative lyrics speak to her sexual confidence and complete autonomy over her body. “Baby, this some Fenty, I don’t do no Vickie Secrets,” she expresses in her opening line. Rihanna’s Savage x Fenty lingerie line is prided on its focus on inclusivity yet remaining sexy. According to Forbes, Savage x Fenty is the frontrunner to dominate the global market share of lingerie due to the cultural push for inclusivity and body positivity. For so long, the male gaze dominated the lingerie market with brands such as Victoria’s Secret. This shift would allow women to control the societal view of their body image. 

  National Underwear Day was founded on August 5th by Freshpair, aiming to promote body positivity and spark conversation about how society views women’s bodies. Through the world of trendy body types and surgery, KenTheMan remains natural, and she accepts women of all kinds. Her songs, such as “No Panties,” show her confidence in her body image and control of her sexual narrative. KenTheMan’s sex-positive lyrics and inclusive brands are helping to diminish the power of female body image from the male gaze. 

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