Jim Jones Cleared In Miami Airport Brawl, No Charges Filed

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Even though the entire Hip Hop world watched Dipset capo Jim Jones throw a grown man down an escalator by his pants, neither he or his two assailants will be charged with a crime in his Miami airport meleé and the police are confirming Jim’s version of the events that unfolded.

TMZ unveiled the footage last week of Jones getting jumped inside of the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport and ended with one of his assailants headed to the hospital with a bloody dome piece. According to the police report, Jones told officers the fight started on the plane when he stood up to collect his belongings from the first class overhead compartment as the plane landed, but before it came to a complete stop. He alleges that prompted passenger James Dos Santos to confront him and push him in the chest. Jim says he grabbed Dos Santos’ arm, gave him a warning and Dos Santos quickly apologized for the rift.

Jim told cops another passenger, Alexander Lekht, also got involved by screaming at him from a different seat. Deputies were apparently called to the gate, but Jim declined to report the incident and headed to baggage claim. The altercation became physical at the escalator as the report confirms that Lekht made a “second jerk motion” at Jim, causing the “Ballin” to hold and detain Lekht until authorities could get to the scene.All of this happened after what was seen in the viral video, which is Jones tossing Lekht down the escalator.

After that, both men could be seen on the video punching Jones, further solidifying Jones’ version of the fight. Jim took to social media in Miami showing that the short airport altercation didn’t stop his flow in the 305.

The post Jim Jones Cleared In Miami Airport Brawl, No Charges Filed first appeared on The Source.

The post Jim Jones Cleared In Miami Airport Brawl, No Charges Filed appeared first on The Source.