Leslie Jones Reveals Being ‘In Love’ with Suge Knight

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Leslie Jones apparently had a love connection to Suge Knight.

There are a number of untold stories in Hip-Hop that often come to light after time has longed past. This instance is no different. Comedian Leslie Jones recently stopped by DJ Whoo Kid’s, Whoo Army Live show on Sirius XM. During their conversation, Leslie Jones revealed her infectious attraction to Death Row Records founder, Suge Knight. According to Jones, the two went to Lynwood high school together in Los Angeles.

“First of all I was in love with him because he looked like one of The Debarges,” said Leslie. “He had that long a** jerry curl.

While Jones reveals that the two never crossed paths romantically, he was always “nice” to her.

“One day he came in there, smiled and winked at me and I thought I was gonna have a motherf**king conniption,” she said.

Despite her fatal attraction to Suge, Leslie still referred to Knight as “the same big a** bully.”

In addition to Suge Knight, Jones tells another hilarious of smoking with Snoop Dogg and Don “Magic” Juan.

“They passing the blunts and I’m hitting the blunts Don Juan takes the blunt and hits it in his nose,” says Leslie as Whoo Kids laughs hysterically.

Amongst her stories, Leslie is proud of her fellow LA natives’ progression, especially Snoop Dogg’s.

Check out the entire interview below.

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