Lil Durk Announces New OTF Capsule Collection w/ GLD


Lil Durk may be a Platinum-selling rapper, but he’s also an entrepreneur.

Most recently, the Chicago native announced the launch of his new capsule collection with GLD called Only The Family. Featured 8 pieces co-designed by Durk himself, the new line of jewelry is directly inspired by Durk’s Chicago-based record label OTF.


Exclusive Only The Family x @ShopGLD collection just dropped 🔥 Enter for your chance to win a free chain {link in bio}

♬ original sound – Durkio

The campaign is shot by Dana Scruggs and features Lil Durk, alongside OTF artist Doodie Lo and Durk’s DJ DJ Bandz. This partnership aims to reshape the narrative behind hip-hop jewelry, blending intimate artist storytelling with GLD’s signature iced-out aesthetics. Both Durk and GLD share the same values: creating from the ground up and standing on business.

Lil Durk shares, “This collection is a homage to our roots, our growth, and the family we’ve built along the way. It’s an invitation to our fans to share in this journey, to wear these pieces as symbols of resilience, unity, and personal growth.”

Anyone who’s a fan of Durk is aware of the trials and tribulations he had to overcome to get to where he is today, forging his own path of resilience and determination. 

“The ‘Only The Family’ campaign transcends traditional fashion narratives, offering consumers not just a product but a piece of a shared journey, says GLD Founder and President, Christian Johnston. Johnston, who is also the master jeweler and head designer for GLD, continued “This campaign invites consumers to wear our pieces as a representation of their own stories, intertwined with the ethos of OTF and GLD. It’s this personal connection, this feeling of being part of the narrative of hustle and success, that sets GLD apart, fostering a community where each piece is a tangible link to the family we’ve built with our collaborators.” 

Prices for the collection start at $148 and go up to $229. Additionally, every item can be crafted in 14k gold, with these versions priced between $12,500 and $50K.

To shop the collection, visit here. 

The post Lil Durk Announces New OTF Capsule Collection w/ GLD first appeared on The Source.

The post Lil Durk Announces New OTF Capsule Collection w/ GLD appeared first on The Source.