Mikey Polo Unveils Fiery Visuals for “Emo Note+++”

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Mikey Polo has unveiled a new music video for his single, “Emo Note+++.” The song appears on his most recent album, EMO or DIE 2. The video was directed by Yellow Tapez and found Mikey Polo transitioning between scenes of him standing between flames, rapping the lyrics to the song in the hall of a storage facility. The emo trap talent keeps the moody aura flowing through the dark clothes, red room, and the addition of bats and flames throughout the video. The addition of crosses and the slow-motion effects emphasizes the theme. 

       Mikey Polo released his new project EMO or DIE 2 in mid-July. The lead single, “Emo Note,” features Canadian rapper Pressa. Other features include rappers Ka$hdami and Slimesito. This album shows Mikey tapping into his signature “cloud trap rap” sound. He is embracing his roots, the punk rock aesthetic and sound. Mikey says he is neither demonic nor gothic, but he loves the “dark” aesthetic. 

  The emotionally charged sound Mikey Polo creates is uniquely positioned between alternative music and hip hop. His music influences include Lil Wayne, Bone Thugs, and Gucci Mane. He stands out with his curative process, and, by default, stylistically, the outcome is a subgenre of its own known as emo trap. He produces beats and works well with other producers to develop an original body of work.

You can check out the video here: https://youtu.be/2Ouggi1zO8I

EMO or DIE 2 by Mikey Polo is available on all streaming services.

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