Normani Opens Up About Her Mother’s Battle With Breast Cancer In An Emotional Op-Ed


In her own words Normani, who serves as an American Cancer Society ambassador, shares her family’s story and experience in her own words in an op-ed she pens for Elle Magazine.  The Singer speaks on how she supported her mother as she faced this horrific diagnosis she also shared how she copped, all while recording her first album,  Her Mom, who is now cancer free, has been diagnosed with breast cancer twice, the first time when she was just five years old and again in 2020, after 19 years of being cancer free. Normani hopes that by sharing her experience., she will help raise awareness about the importance of knowing your body and speaking up for the care you need. “My mom’s diagnosis taught me that early detection and not taking anything for granted are so important,” the singer, says.  In her Elle op-ed, Normani educates how preventative measures such as regularly performing at-home breast screenings were potentially lifesaving in her mother’s prognosis and investigating family history with and genetics testing with your doctor.  “I watched my mother find her own lumps both times she had breast cancer. She taught me the importance of looking out for changes in your breasts and educated me on what mammograms were at an early age. I also encourage anyone who has a family member with cancer to see that your family talks to a doctor about genetic testing. We have taken these measures as a family. Knowledge is power, so whatever you don’t know, don’t be afraid to ask.” 

Normani, confesses that now she maximizes every single moment with her mom and loved one and prioritizes actually living instead of just existing. “I’ve had some of the most memorable moments of my life following my mother’s diagnosis. I know for a fact that I have already experienced the scariest time in my life with the thought of having to exist here without my mom. The things that scared me before no longer do.”

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