Prosecutor And Judge In G-Dep 1993 Murder Case Now Want Him Freed

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Twelve years ago, former Bad Boy Records signee Trevell “G-Dep” Coleman walked into a NYPD precinct to confess to a murder he allegedly committed in October 1993. Detectives doing their due diligence, matched up the story by Dep to an unsolved homicide. Ultimately, Coleman was convicted of second-degree murder in 2012, but now the prosecutor in the case has asked for the “Special Delivery” rapper to be released from prison.

The Assistant D.A. who prosecuted Dep thought that the 15 to life prison sentence was too harsh, so they reached out to City University of New York clemency attorney Steve Zeidman, who reportedly wrote to the judge in G-Dep’s murder case advocating for the rapper’s release following his clemency application. 

It was also revealed that retired Judge Michael Obus submitted a separate letter to New York State Governor Kathy Hochul supporting G-Dep’s release. Hochul has reportedly made the clemency application process easier but has only granted clemency to 10 people since she took office over a year ago. Robert Henkel, the victim’s brother, said Hochul should be “kicked out of office” if she gives clemency to G-Dep.

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