Prosecutors States Witnesses in Young Thug’s Case Have Received Threats

young thug denied bond

Prosecutors against Young Thug and YSL Records have stated there have been “numerous threats to kill or harm witnesses” of the state RICO case. According to the New York Times, an order has been issued that forces defense lawyers to withhold witness information.

A motion filed in court states witnesses now “fear not only for their own lives, but for their families’ lives should they testify” in the case. The defense has denied any intimidation tactics.

This past Tuesday, District Attorney Fani T. Willis of Fulton county stated the defendants have previously intimated witnesses and noted a member, Christian Eppinger, who attempted to murder two members of the Atlanta PD. Prosecutors also pointed to the actions of Quartavius Mender, a fan, who was arrested for making threats last month.

Fox 5 reports that 18-year-old Quartavius Mender was arrested on May 26 for giving death threats on Instagram targeting Fulton county Sheriff Pat Labat. Mender also targeted Labat’s wife and the Atlantic Public Schools Police Chief Ronald Applin. During the threats he demanded one of the defendants be released. He is now charged with 23 counts of terroristic threats.

“We take these kinds of brazen threats seriously,” Sheriff Labat said. “Social media cyberbullying, and hiding behind a keyboard will not protect someone from criminal prosecution. Our investigators are diligent in seeking individuals who mean to do harm to anybody, and I am grateful to them for ensuring the safety of myself, my wife, and all citizens of Fulton County.”

Young Thug and members of the Young Stoner Life Records were arrested in May on a 56-count state RICO indictment.

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