R. Kelly Denies Joycelynn Savage Has a Baby in New Interview From Behind Bars: ‘She Didn’t Have a Child’

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R. Kelly gives his first interview from jail. Speaking with Rick Party, R. Kelly denies being the father of a baby with Joycelynn Savage or that she has a child at all.

“I can just say Joycelyn is my fiancée and I love her and she loves me, and we’re together,” R. Kelly said. “She is not in my case, none of that. She’s not against me.”

Later he would deny a new baby, “Hell naw! She didn’t have a child.”

Earlier this month, the jailed singer’s fiancee, Savage, released a picture of a new baby girl, believed to be a father by Kelly. On social media, Savage wrote, “Ava Lee Kelly 12.08.22.”

In a separate post, Savage provided a statement of joy:

“My baby girl Ava when you were born , my whole world shined so bright. I knew that it was no longer about me anymore it was about us . Though the world is cold , I promise to always protect you . I am so happy to be your mother & you bring me so much joy . 12.08.22”

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Earlier this year, R. Kelly’s lawyer, Jennifer Bonjean denied Kelly fathering a child with Savage. She stated, “There is no truth to reports that Joy is releasing a tell-all memoir and she is certainly not pregnant with R. Kelly’s child. People are just insane. Carry on.” Savage claimed she and Kelly did IVF because, at the time, she was unable to have a child.

In July, Savage submitted a letter to the courts stating she was engaged to the incarcerated singer. In the letter, Savage stated, “I’m Robert Kelly’s fiance” and also that she is “not the victim that the government portrayed me to be.” Savage would also state R. Kelly was “amazing” to her.

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Speaking with TMZ, the attorney for Savage’s parents, Gerald Griggs, stated the engagement is news to the family, and they wonder why the letter was submitted to the courts. She did not testify in support of her alleged fiance.

Currently, R. Kelly is battling with the alleged unauthorized release of a new album, while Lifetime is gearing up for another edition of Surviving R. Kelly.

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