SOURCE SPORTS: Anthony Davis Reportedly Available for Trade

Anthony Davis Heard "Something Pop" in His Latest Knee Injury

Could the Los Angeles Lakers trade Anthony Davis instead of Russell Westbrook? The Lakers are off to a lackluster 2-7 start and despite AD dropping 19 points and 12 rebounds in his last game against the Cleveland Cavaliers, he could be on the move.

NBA Insiders Kevin O’Connor and Bill Simmons detailed that AD may be available in a trade, leading to what would seem like a massive overhaul for the Lakers’ roster. Simmons’ message is below

There’s some buzz… some buzzing that AD might be available. That’s a Plan B because the Westbrook trade, and whatever they think they can get for Westbrook, whether you want to give future assets, maybe that doesn’t even make sense cause what are you getting for the Lakers? You’ve got Davis here, who I don’t think has looked the same for a couple of years. Certainly, not close to bubble Davis, that’s the last time we saw vintage, 2018 Pelicans-level Davis.

This year he’s on the books for $37.9, next year $40.6, player option in 2025, $43.2. I don’t know what the endgame with this Lakers team is, but the Pelicans have their pick. I don’t think whatever they have, I don’t think it’s really fixable in a way to make them a playoff team.

– Bill Simmons

Do you think it’s over for AD in L.A.? You can hear it all below.

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