SOURCE SPORTS: WNBA All-Star A’ja Wilson Talks Off-court Style and What’s Next for the Las Vegas Aces

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During WNBA All-Star Weekend, MTN DEW hit up Chicago to provide an experience throughout the weekend. In addition to hosting the three-point contest, MTN DEW had Las Vegas Aces superstar and league style icon A’ja Wilson on hand at the MTN DEW Style Suite.

Ahead of leading Team Wilson for the second straight All-Star game, Wilson spoke with The Source about the first half of the season, her partnership with MTN DEW, and more.

Being a style icon, what did you think about the concept of the MTN DEW Style Lounge?

A’Ja Wilson: Man, it was so dope. It really put a smile on my face because when I tell you those Jersey dresses just popped in my mind – it was something that I really didn’t even honestly plan for. Honestly, MTN DEW brings a side of A’ja that doesn’t really come out because I’m always on the athlete’s side. So MTN Dew wants me to be bigger than an athlete. They want to dig a little deeper and have people connect with me on another level. So when I saw the style lounge, I was like, that’s going to be so dope. And people love it, especially now. Like it’s all about the drip now. So I love that.

Coming into All-Star, do you already have an idea of what you want to wear to the game, or is it a spur of the moment?

It’s really spur of the moment, but I also have people around me to see what we can do. I’m a simple girl, but I like my shoes to pop. I want all the focus to be on my shoes. So yeah, when it came to picking out stuff, I said let’s just do something slight, but let the feet do the talking. I’m in between and just like popping out, but really just being subtle.

In this Style Lounge, we have a couple of your jersey dresses. Do you have one that you feel is your favorite so far?

It’s definitely Sheryl Swoopes because it’s [number] 22. For me, just being able to even say that I can talk to her is pretty dope. She’s, of course, one of the legends of our game. I also got Coach Staley, my old coach, and then Lisa Leslie, my role model. But my favorite has to be Sheryl. That’s like the first one that really popped out.

What attracted you to working with MTN DEW in general?

It truly was a partnership that wanted to dig deeper than the player and show people my kid side. They turned to me as their WNBA player, and they really just showed a lot of love. They show me, and the idea is when you can see her, you can be her. When they push me out there, I know that there are young girls out watching, and that’s what it’s really for.

A couple of hoops questions. The first half of the season is wrapped up. What part of the season has you the most excited so far?

That we have a winning record, I love that we have a winning record. That means that we’re on the right path. We’re doing something right. So I’m excited just to get ready for the second half.

You want to keep that going in the second half, but is it something you hope to improve on?

Oh my God. Yes, our defense. We need to work on our defense a lot more. I think that’s something that we need to really lock in on. But other than that, I think we’re on the right path.

You’ll be in Chicago again for the Commissioner’s Cup Finals in a couple of weeks. Fans and analysts spoke much about the historic comeback the Chicago Sky made in your last matchup. Does that add extra motivation to the game?

Commissioner’s Club doesn’t really need much motivation as a whole. We are raising so much money for our charities, and a mid-season tournament is pretty dope. So we’re going to have some fun. It’s always a good game when we play Chicago.

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