Spice’s Rep Denies She Is Hospitalized With Surgery Complications


A rep for dancehall singer Spice Official denies she’s in a coma after BBL surgery complications in Dominican Republic.

“Spice hasn’t had a heart attack, neither is she in a coma,” her booking agent Ray Alexander told Dancehall magazine after the rumors spread on social media.

“Those are all lies. The rumors were caused by people not knowing where she was and because she hadn’t posted on IG.”

Alexander didn’t say where Spice is, which only added fuel to the conspiracy theories.

The rumors began after the 40-year-old singer took a break from her Instagram page.

She wrote: “I’ll be off of Instagram for a while, I’m tired of being their only target for clout and click bait. Let’s see if they’re still gonna talk about “Only Me”. I refuse to answer to the noise they creating to gain my attention.”

Spice reportedly underwent multiple surgeries in the past, including breast implants, liposuctions, and BBL surgery.

Instagram page Beauty and the surgeon posted:

#TheLatestSurgeryNews Girls as I continue to speak with my contacts in Dominican Republic about our beloved Spice she is not out of the clear ❤🩹 At this point in time, the family should be advised to book a medical emergency flight to America as soon as possible when Spice is God willing more stable and they can treat her condition! I am being told her sister is in Dominican Republic with her along with a friend. Every second counts and she needs to be in the best hands and care! I can’t say what I was just informed and I have been accurate through my entire investigation, but at this point in time they should already be making plans to evacuate her 🙏🏼 I was also informed she came out of surgery with a hemoglobin of 9.3 and this was not the issue like others were falsely spreading.. she didn’t start experiencing complications

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