Tragedy Khadafi Introduces ‘War Stories: War Journals For Generals’ With Ray El

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Queensbridge legend Tragedy Khedafi has joined forces with renowned author Ray El for his introductory literary piece,War Stories: War Journals For Generals. The 19-chapter book is the first of a series of fact-based-fiction stories from war-tested, street certified OGs that survived long enough to tell what was really happening in the street of the Rotten Apple during their reign of terror.

In the hood known as “Front Street”, Skar was the ultimate gangster, who repped his Flatbush, Brooklyn hood to the fullest. While navigating his way through the rest of Kings County, Skar dishes the description of the late 80s Brooklyn in ways that only someone who was there to witness it could even understand. Unprovoked shootouts, robberies and the occasional street corner pimping saturates Skar’s stories, with little or no sign of redemption, until it’s almost too late.

“IN MANY WAYS getting stitched, sewn and patched up was like being born again. The new you are incubating under that gauze as the light grows dimmer in those dark pupils.Then, the time comes to remove the bandages. You touch your face to make sure everything is in place. Then they hand you the mirror and it’s like that moment in the Frankenstein flicks “It’s Alive!” With this new facial comes a new name. Skar is born, symbolized by the buck fifty resting on the right side of my face. As you stare at yourself and gaze into your own pupils your stare becomes more frozen as the reality of your situation sets upon you and a new mentality kicks in. In the pits of Rome if you wasn’t a Gladiator you better not step foot in the Coliseum. And when it came to war, nowhere was sacred or off-limits. If you caught a nigga in the shower or the shitter it was on. You gotta really watch those niggas that’s close to you too because it could be coming from any where at this point, but my focus was on another level. Its like my senses stepped[…]”


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