[WATCH] CashFlow Harlem Touches Tyre Nichols Tragic Story

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Rapper CashFlow Harlem never misses and is a force to be reckoned in our culture.

The eloquent MC known for bringing light to serious issues, touches the truth on what happened to Tyre Nichols. Creating a career under his own terms, the Harlem MC has toured with his friend Rapper Cardi B and organically created a loyal fanbase. More than just a talented emcee, CashFlow’s intense research for each song is inevitable. Tackling systematic racism and trending news close to the black community, sincere passion is felt in each bar. Reaching back into history and getting to the initial root of the problem, CashFlow Harlem says what many are thinking—and what many need to know.

From single mothers to young black men murdered prematurely, no topic is off hands. Protect CashFlow Harlem at all costs. We need his voice, his wisdom and sincerity in the hip hop community.

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