[WATCH] Chrisean Rock Slaps Natalie Nunn On IG Live

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When the women from Baddies South got together on Instagram Live, tempered as well as egos flared, which resulted in the show’s executive producer getting slapped in the face by Chrisean Rock.

From the start of the IG Live session Chrisean seemed less than happy to be on the platform, leading the other women to inquire as to what the issue was with the “Vibe” singer.

“I come out here because I’m enjoying myself with all these girls because they’re cool as s*** and I’m f****** with everybody, but soon as I feel disrespected…” Rock said before Natalie Nunn interjrupted, “It’s annoying because I didn’t come here to fight and if I’m fighting you gon’ be real upset ’cause when I’m riding I’m sliding.”

As Nunn continued to speak, it wasn’t long after that she got slapped by Blueface’s troubled girlfriend.

Nunn reacted to the online fight, saying, “Childish even at 23 I was a real rich a** b**** the f***. U will not I repeat disrespect me on my white momma that you keep saying is WHITE SHES PUERTO RICAN 100% b****. U and ur bulls*** can get the f*** off my s***!!!!!!! U JUST F***** UP BUT made me some more f****** money.”

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