[WATCH] New Court Documents Detail PnB Rock’s Final Moments


New court documents detail rapper PnB Rock’s final moments before he died in a California Roscoe’s Chicken And Waffle restaurant.

Charging paperwork shows the rapper and his girlfriend arrived at the restaurant before his killers got there. The documents contradict an earlier report that the suspects were waiting in a vehicle outside the restaurant when the rapper arrived in his Bentley.

In the criminal complaint filed Thursday, Sept. 29, prosecutors say a “man in a red shirt” was outside the restaurant when he saw PnB Rock walk inside. The unidentified man noticed that PnB Rock was wearing expensive jewelry.

Prosecutors said the man lurked outside Roscoe’s until Freddie Lee Trone arrived driving a black Buick Enclave. Trone parked, walked up to the man in red, and spoke with him near the entrance to Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles. He then returned to his car and drove off while PnB Rock was still inside the restaurant.

Meanwhile, Trone’s 17-year-old son “armed himself with a handgun” and put on a mask, prosecutors say.

Police documents say that Freddie Lee Trone dropped the teen off near the strip mall where Roscoe’s is located. The teenager approached Roscoe’s, passed the man in red, and went inside. As he entered the restaurant, the man in red left the area.

The teen then approached the table where PnB Rock was eating with his girlfriend, Stephanie, and pointed the gun at him. According to prosecutors, the teen said, “Give me all of your jewelry, now!” He then shot PnB Rock in the chest while the rapper remained seated at the table. As PnB Rock fell to the floor, the teen allegedly shot him twice more in the back, prosecutors said.

He then turned to Stephanie and yelled, “Show me your hands! Give me that shit right now! I swear to God! I shoot you in the head!” He snatched her watch and then grabbed PnB Rock’s jewelry.

Freddie Lee Trone drove into the parking lot outside Roscoe’s as his son rushed outside and hopped into the car. They fled the restaurant, and parked the car several blocks from their residence, prosecutors alleged.

They later burned the car to get rid of evidence.

Police say father and son are members of the 87 Gangster Crips. Source say that Rock may have been robbed and killed because he did not “check in” with gang members who control the territory around the restaurant.

May he rest in power.

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