[WATCH] Styles P Says That 21 Savage Is Not A Lyricist

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Millennial rap star 21 Savage has put himself under the microscope after his comments about Nas’ relevancy in the rap game.

Styles P recently appeared on Math Hoffa’s My Expert Opinion and commented on Savage’s opinion of Nas, saying, “You can’t hate the young fellas for being stupid. If they sayin’ illogical sh*t, that’s our fault. Those that came before ’em, now we gotta pull back and see, where did we f*ck up.”

Styles continued, “I like 21 Savage! I don’t love him, I like him a lot lot. Don’t love him, I like him a lot, lot, lot. The sh*t he say tickles me pink and I’m like, ‘I can’t believe this n*gga said that. It’s dope.’ I f*cks with him.”

He goes further into his analysis of 21’s skills and his opinion of one of the greatest rappers of all time. “My n*gga, you not a lyricist. F*ck all that,” he said. “Drake’s supposed to tell this n*gga, ‘N*gga, chill. That’s Nasir. That’s Nasir Jones.’

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