Wu Tang Clan’s Ghostface Killah Releases All-Access LP Via Stem Player

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Hip Hop legend  Ghostface Killah is bringing fans an entirely  new way to enjoy his music..

In Partnership with the Stem Player Creator and Founder, Alex Klien, the Wu Tang Clan founding member will be releasing a special album for purchase on his own custom device and exclusive video content.

After three decades in the game, Ghostface Killah is changing up how fans experience his art with an all access package.

Ghostface Stem will release two exclusive devices, in Black and Cream colors, with new songs and audio effects. Ghostface  Killah will be the first artist to run a direct subscription on Stem, at his price, direct to his audience. Subscribers and device purchasers will get not only never
before heard songs, but video documentaries, direct meetings with the crew and access to an exclusive “Stem Fest Concert”.

The stem system gives artists more control over their work. Stem is a venture of Kano Computing, which pioneered Stem Technology with its customizable computers and audio devices.

Stem’s new medium, which let’s anyone customize any song,
revolutionizes  artist control. It brings fans and artists closer together through state of the art electronic  and artificial intelligence technology.

The Ghostface Killah Cream Stemplayer will Include 5 New Tracks
For $240.

A 360 UNITS LIMITED EDITION Of The Ghostface Killah Black Stem Player
Will Include 10 New Tracks For $240.

Explore The New Ghostface Killah and Stem Partnership Now On Stem.Tech

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