2 Chainz Finds Late Father’s Cash Stash After Plumber Fixes Broken Pipe in House

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It’s not everyday you’ll find a random stash of cash in the basement of your home, and even more so from your late father. Today, 2 Chainz shared to his 11.9 million followers on Instagram a video of himself running his hands through a bunch of rolled-up one-dollar bills placed there by his father.

The discovery occurred after a pipe burst in 2 Chainz’ basement when the plumber found a gifted bag full of money. “”In the video, you can hear someone telling the Atlanta native, “He did this, this is before you were born.” The caption reads “RIP POPS” with three money emojis, and a thinking emoji to start.

While no details have been made on exactly how long the stash has been there, 2 Chainz has been vocal about his relationship with his father, who passed away in 2012. During an interview with Fuse, Tity Boi refers to his father as his “best friend” and opened up on the sometimes complicated dynamic within a father and son relationship.

“Father-and-son relationships, it’s a lot of masculinity,” 2 Chainz reflects. “You’re taught to be strong. You’re taught to fight back. You’re taught not to cry. Losing him, I definitely lost somebody that I could trust, confide in, and communicate with about a lot of different things and talk to. But even that experience of losing him made me stronger.”

2 Chainz also stated that making music was “therapeutic” for him to help cope with the grief in losing his father.

In an interview with Angie Martinez on Hot 97, 2 Chainz states, “All these good things are happening, my pops was actually my best friend. I don’t have any brothers or sisters, so me and him had a relationship to where I told him things that I wouldn’t tell anyone else. Or I asked him for advice.”

He continues,” It’s crazy, I was there the whole time. Even when he passed, I was right there. It’s like, ‘Man you got a tour to do, you got an album about to come out’. He’s saying little things like I’m a be alright. Really, I be talking to him like he’s still there. I can’t believe you did this bro. I know it’s cool to say, but I can’t believe you left me.”

On the music tip, 2 Chainz is currently gearing up to release his collaborative project with Lil Wayne, which fans have been waiting for since their 2016 ColleGrove tape.

In an interview with Akademiks, 2 Chainz explains, “I feel super excited about this fucking project because it don’t sound like nothing I’ve ever heard before. And doing something like that with Wayne, it’s welcoming, it’s warming and it’s going to be accepted.”

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