50 Cent is Working on a New Album, Bringing in Dr. Dre for Assistance


50 Cent is getting back into the studio. The superstar television executive will briefly depart his worlds of BMF and Power for the music studio to create a new album. To get fans more excited, Dr. Dre will work alongside 50 for the album.

50 Cent pulled up to Big Boy’s Neighborhood and revealed he got a call from Shady/Aftermath to get back into the studio.

“I got a text from [Eminem] that he had already spoke to Dre, and that Dre is in there and he got some crazy stuff for me to go hear,” 50 Cent said. “This is my process: I’ll go make something, what I can find, the best music that I can put my hands on. And when I feel real good about it, I bring it to put pressure on Dre to offer me something. ‘Cause he’ll have something… He’s always had something.”

50 Cent is also ready to expand his BMF series with multiple spinoffs. Speaking at the premiere for season 2 of the hit show, 50 tells Deadline about the transition in leadership at Starz and how excited he is about it.

“They got some really, really smart executives coming in to help rebuild Starz in the right way. And it’s exciting for me,” 50 said. “You’ll get a chance to see three spinoff shows from ‘BMF.’ It’s ‘BMF’ immortal.”

The expanded BMF series is currently in development, and the titles and details about the spinoffs will be announced later. Last month, Jackson and Starz announced the creation of Fightland, a new series based in the high-stakes, cash-rich, violent world of British boxing.

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