Boy Meets Girl x Blueberry Explores the Metaverse

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Boy Meets Girl and House of Blueberry are releasing a four-piece digital fashion collection. The digital wearables are a representation of bestsellers for Boy Meets Girl in the physical world. Items such as leggings, sweatpants, and two signature T-shirts make up the virtual boutique that Roblox users can browse. Additionally, users can try on designs and create customized digital identities for their avatars. 

House of Blueberry is on a mission to build the largest digital fashion house in the universe. They have had over 20 million assets sold, 10,000 stock-keeping units and more than 400,000 unique customers. The Roblox community has 43.2 million active daily users where nearly 67% are under the age 16. In an effort to set the standard high for their digital space, Boy Meets Girl will carry its anti-bullying mission forward  into the metaverse through positive messaging in the Blueberry virtual boutique. 

Stacy Igel, founder and chief creative officer of Boy Meets Girl said, “As someone who was an early adopter of virtual markets, this was a natural partnership for me. I’m thrilled to bring Boy Meets Girl into the metaverse in collaboration with House of Blueberry. During COVID-19, my son Dylan got to learn a lot about virtual worlds and has been teaching me about Roblox. So you can imagine how excited I am to share this collaboration and how excited he is too.” Roblox is dominated by the youth and many collaborations carried out via the platform shape the perspective of young boys and girls.  

Mishi McDuff, chief executive officer and founder of Blueberry, added, “We love the mission of the Boy Meets Girl brand and can’t wait to bring that positive energy into the metaverse. We think the iconic Boy Meets Girl branding will really come to life on Roblox and make for a fun, welcoming virtual experience for our community.” 

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This project expands The House of Blueberry’s collaborations from past projects with Jonathan Simkhai and the Broadway musical “Dear Evan Hansen.” In the physical world, Boy Meets Girl has partnered with Saks Fifth Avenue, to carry its core kids unisex organic collection on The collection features an eight-piece sustainable kids collection, including its signature logo hoodies, sweatpants and Ts in mint, light pink, blue, black and heather grey. 

The items will be sold exclusively in Blueberry’s metaverse fashion boutique and catalog on January 10th. The T-shirt, leggings, and hoodie sell for 85 Robux and the beanie for 65 Robux.

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