Fellow Inmate Alleges YNW Melly Possessed Pipe Bombs and Shanks in Jail Cell

YNWMelly'sEarlyReleaseDeniedDespiteCOVID Diagnosis

One of YNW Melly‘s fellow inmates has stated the rapper holds pipe bombs and shanks in his cell.

AllHipHop states Melly’s lawyers are asking to have restrictions lifted on his visits at Broward County Jail. Melly has those limitations due to the allegations from his cellmate.

“On or around late March 2022, another inmate filed a grievance alleging that Mr. Demons was in possession of shanks and pipe bombs,” the documents read. “In response correction personnel conducted a search of the entire dorm, at which time Mr. Demons was found with one (1) writing utensil and potato chips. However, another inmate on the dorm was found in possession of shanks, prescription drugs and other contraband.”

For the past five months, YNW Melly was only allowed to visit with his legal team in rooms that were not suitable in size. Without the entire team being present, Melly’s team states they are not able to adequately prepare for defense.

In July, a judge ruled the death penalty was no longer an option for the jailed rapper. On the basis of technicality, the legal team for the “Murder On My Mind” rapper was able to have the death penalty eliminated from the sentence. His lawyers cited a special Florida criminal procedural provision that requires prosecutors to notify the court of their intention to seek the death penalty. Never was the notice submitted.

The 2018 murders of the 23-year-old Florida native’s pals YNW Sakchaser, born Anthony Williams, and YNW Juvy, born Christopher Thomas Jr., led to YNW Melly’s arrest on two counts of first-degree murder in February 2019.

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