Freeway Rick Ross Wants Donald Glover To Play Him In Upcoming Biopic

freeway ricky ross

In a recent interview with VladTV, former drug kingpin Freeway Rick Ross and director Mike Ho shared some insight into Ross’s upcoming biopic. Ross shared that he has been working on his documentary for 35 years and has been looking for the right director to handle his story with care, unlike the show Snowfall, which is loosely based on his story.

“It be hard for me to sit there and watch sometimes,” Ross said. “It’s so much bullshit. This is really history that they’re fucking with. Because people know that it’s some real in that show. This is really our history. This would be like taking slavery and playing with slavery; that’s how delicate the story really is. And for somebody to take it and butcher it up and do what John Singleton did; or allowed them to do. I don’t care who did it.”

Director Mike Ho seemed eager to be working wit h Ross on bringing his story to the big screen. He too wants to handle Ross’s story with care and give audiences the “raw” and “uncut” story of Ross’s life.

“And one of the first things that I said when I sat down with him was like, if we’re gonna tell your story, we gotta be unsafe,” Ho said. Because I feel like when everyone approaches something with him, even the shows that he’s not happy with, all the stuff you hear about Freeway, it’s always a safe version of him. We’ve never seen the raw and uncut true story of what Ross is saying.”

When asked if there is a certain actor they are eying for the starring role, both men agreed that Donald Glover would be the best person for the job, even saying that he might make a good co-director as well.

“I’m always down to collaborate,” Ho said. “As a director, every actor is a director to me in the sense of understanding a scene and getting things done. But I think he would be brilliant for it. He was the first name that kind of came up over dinner. And he’s just a genius at what he does.”

You can watch the clip below.

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