Future’s Freewishes Foundation Hosts 9th Annual Toy Drive At Target

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1000 families were gifted with a shopping spree at Target for the Freewishes foundation’s 9th annual Christmas toy drive. FreeWishes hosted the 9th annual I AM A DREAMER Holiday Pop Up at Target. Children and their families were treated to a shopping spree at the Target courtesy of the foundation. 

The FreeWishes Foundation is one of Georgia’s most visible foundations. They makes an enormous impact throughout the Atlanta metro area all year round.  From scholarships to health and wellness initiatives or assisting Senior citizens,  giving back has always been a priority for Future and the foundation. The foundation was founded by Future, his sister, Tia Wilburn and mother, Stephanie Jester 13 years ago. The foundation has been a major resource for those in need throughout Atlanta. The holidays are no exception to the rule.

“Christmas has always been another opportunity to give and not receive for the foundation. We’ve been committed to giving back to those in need for over ten years,  especially in metro Atlanta and the neighborhood we grew up in, Kirkwood,” said Tia Wilburn.

“I’m so happy that everyone was able to get the things they need for their children and family members. We are doing our part to service our communities. In over a decade we’ve never waited for anyone else to help our community. We have always stepped up to the plate. Our commitment to the community is very faith based. God has been a blessing to our family and we want to continue to service the community,,” said Stephanie Jester.

For the last nine years the Freewishes Foundation held an Annual Winter Wishland Extravaganza in Atlanta for over 1,000 kids and their families.  Covid halted the in-person extravaganza in 2020. Last year the foundation started the holiday shopping spree for kids which they say works better. 

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