HERSource: Marie Driven And Kristin Evans Fight Back Against Domestic Violence

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Entrepreneur/PR Mogul Marie Driven and Advocate/Artist Kristin Evans team up to launch a new organization, “We Fight Back Inc.”, to help combat Domestic Violence. The two survivors created the organization to help women and men in domestic violence get resources. The organization will provide information for shelters and self-defense classes in partnership with fitness trainers, where participants receive a pair of free boxing gloves. This idea was inspired by Driven’s healing journey when she decided to take boxing lessons. The ultimate goal for “We Fight Back Inc” is to raise money to build safe houses for victims and children.

     Marie “Driven” Theodore is a Haitian American entrepreneur and Public Relations Executive who started working for prominent music, fashion, and lifestyle companies in New York City. She is the Co-founder and Managing Partner of the multi-disciplinary communications firm Playbook MG. She manages a base of support and operations for clients from the mainstream to niche categories through strategic relationship building. Her roster of creative individuals and brands is impressive, and over the past twenty years, she’s helped countless rising stars and worked with some of the biggest names in the celebrity stratosphere. She also is an advocate for domestic violence, as she shared her story and created the Driven Against Domestic Violence Campaign. She has completed her brand of boxing gloves after taking boxing lessons to heal. Her work inspired many, including Kristin Evans, who reached out to her after her public assault.

    Kristin Evans is an advocate for domestic violence awareness, a massage therapist, and a mother of two. Her career in sports massage connected her with pro athletes around the country and gave her insight into the physical and mental state of individuals involved in those professions. After a viral video linking her to former NFL football player Zac Stacy and showing a violent altercation between the two, the outpouring of support and concern for Kristin and her family helped give her the strength to address the brutal assault publicly. She reached out to Marie “Driven” Theodore to help her as she became a domestic abuse survivor in the public eye who found her voice in helping others. She made statements to the press, appeared on news programs and talk shows, and served as a featured guest speaker. Kristin Evans is also an artist, and she curated an interactive exhibit called Say It Out Loud in Orlando. In doing so, Kristin raised awareness surrounding domestic violence and shed light on the support needed by victims of domestic abuse and their families.

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