Investigators Looking Into “Known Enemies” Being Responsible For Murder Of PnB Rock

PnB Rock

Los Angeles investigators are reportedly looking into the possiblity of PnB Rock’s “known enemies” as being responsible for his murder.

LAPD sources told TMZ that the case is moving in “several concurrent directions” with one involving investigators digging into PnB Rock’s past to see if the murder/robbery was spurred by a previous beef. Detectives working the case are especially interested in his ties to Atlanta, where he spent some years, and in his hometown of Philadelphia.

If this new theory proves to be true, it would debunk investigators original idea that Rock’s murder was at the hands of random robbers who found his location through his Instagram. His girlfriend Stephanie was originally blamed for his death after she shared their location on her Instagram, suggesting that she might have set him up. However, investigators revealed that PnB Rock had added his location to an Instagram story too.

Investigators are still in the process of identifying the get away car used in the murder. TMZ says that they are tracking the car down using video feeds and are getting a lot of tips on the whereabouts and owners of the vehicle.

It has been over a week since PnB Rock’s tragic passing. Many artists and fans have come out with tributes for the late rapper. PnB Rock’s death has also sparked a conversation on the senseless killings of rappers and entertainers, leading some, such as Fat Joe, to believe that rappers are an “endangered species.”

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