Joe Budden Claims That 2Pac Would “End” Biggie And Nas In A Verzuz Battle

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Even over 2 decades since their untimely deaths, Biggie and Tupac still remain a point of conversation in the hip hop community. Many ask what would hip hop be like if Pac and Big were still alive, and the two are often compared to each other, with some who believe that Pac was a better rapper than Big, and others believing that Big was a better rapper than Pac.

However, in todays hip-hop world, all these questions are put to rest by way of a Verzuz battle. And while it hasn’t been done yet, and probably wont be done, a question on every hip-hop lover’s head is who would win in a Verzuz battle? Pac or Big?

Well, Joe Budden thinks the answer to that is 2Pac, and to him not only would he beat Biggie, but he would also beat Nas in a Verzuz as well. And its not even close.

“I don’t want to answer; they gonna say I’m hating on Nas” Budden said when asked by his co-hosts who he thinks would win between Pac and Nas in a Verzuz.

“Alright, now that y’all have progressed the conversation, I’ma say this and I’ma put my shoes on while I say it,” he said. “‘Cause y’all are right: I think ‘Pac would end Nas in a Verzuz. [‘Pac] would end Big in a Verzuz, bad.”

Budden then said that Pac’s four album run from 1993 to 1996 where he dropped Strictly For My N.I.G.G.A.Z, Me Against The World, All Eyez On Me, and Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory, alone would beat both Nas and Biggie’s discographies.

udden added that he thinks Pac would beat Biggie in a Verzuz because Biggie only has 2 albums and died too soon. “Big died too soon to play with ‘Pac,” he continued. “Ready to Die and Life After Death is not enough to [beat ‘Pac]. And ‘Pac got them same four albums I’m talking about? I just don’t know. I won’t disrespect Big like that — rest in peace to ‘Pac and Big – but the more I think about it…”

They then threw Jay-Z in the conversation and said that even though Jay would win because he has outlived Pac and has more features, it still wouldn’t be a walk in the park for him either.

You can watch the clip below.

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