Joe Budden Jokes on Gillie Da Kid & Wallo Sharing Hotel Room

Joe Budden Blasts ‘Fresh & Fit’ Podcast: “I See Why They Hate Some of You Having Microphones”

Joe Budden may be prepping to debate Stephen A. Smith, but he hasn’t forgotten about his podcast beef with the Gillie Da Kid.

In a clip from The Joe Budden Podcast, Joe throws shots at Gillie for sharing a hotel room with his Million Dollaz Worth of Game host, Wallo267.

“I know niggass keep waiting on me to kill Gillie and Wallo for sharing a hotel room,” Budden said. “They posted it and they be in the same room.”

When a cohost asked if they happened to be in the same room at the time but stayed in separate ones, he responded. “Nah, they are both in the bed. There’s nothing wrong. Niggas can’t even say facts no more without it looking shady as hell.”

Last month, After a dustup between Joe Budden and Cam’ron, the JBP engaged in shots with Gillie Da Kid.

Gillie hopped online and wrote, “After the washed Up Rap career in and out all the rehabs all the beating on Bit$hes Now u Wanna Podcast Beef. I’ll beef when u start getting sum Ad money.”

Shooting back, Budden responded, “You selling ass out here for cheap… watch your mouth when you speak to or of me.”

During an episode of The JBP, Budden let it be known he isn’t worried about ad money.

“I don’t want to hear none of that money talk from you n****s. Your headboard is covering a very small window in your primary bedroom. I can tell it’s not like that. Stop fucking playing with me in here.”

You can see the back-and-forth below.

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