Kanye Takes Aim At Adidas CEO And Kid Cudi In New IG Post

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Since dropping his 6 minute speech to GAP executives on IG yesterday, Ye seems focused more than ever at bringing Yeezy storefronts to fruition. Ye has been sharing his progress on IG, and has somehow even found time to take shots at Adidas’ retiring CEO Kasper Rorsted and Kid Cudi.

In a now deleted post, Ye took aim at the Adidas CEO in the same vain as he did Pete Davidson, posting a fake news article that reads “Kasper Rorsted Also Dead At 60. The small print under reads: “I know what you’re thinking…who is Kasper? but even less importantly who is Kid Cudi?”

Over the last month, Kanye has made it known his greviances with Adidas. He preciously called out the company for ripping his designs and saying they couldn’t produce Yeezy slides because they were producing the Adidas slide which has been compared to that of the Yeezy. He said that Adidas went forward with Yeezy day without his permission. He has also continued to call out the CEO for not taking meetings with him, and for not appointing him to the Adidas board despite having one of the most popular shoes on the market.

“To Kasper I’m not standing for this blatant copying no more,” he wrote. “To all sneaker culture…This is for everyone who wants to express themselves but feel they can’t cause they’ll lose their contract or be called crazy…These shoes represent the disrespect that people in power have to the talent.”

Yesterday, August 31, Ye called out GAP for stealing his Yeezy GAP Engineered By Balenciaga designs as well and even issued an ultimatum to GAP executives, saying that if they do not let him go forward with his ideas at the company, then he will find another place to do it at.

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