Karrueche Speaks on Chris Brown and Quavo Beefing Over Her: ‘I Just Want Peace’

Karrueche Tran

Karrueche Tran just wants to move on with her life and not be involved with Chris Brown or Quavo. TMZ tracked down the star and asked how she felt about being the Hip-Hop Helen of Troy at the root of the CB and Quavo beef. She reveals she wants no part.

“I don’t feel, it is what it is,” Karrueche said. “I ain’t got nothing to do with it. I want to have a peaceful life. That’s all that I want.”

Tran revealed that she heard the songs and had no comments, before affirming, “I just want peace.” You can hear it from Karrueche below.

Last week, Quavo fired at Chris Brown following the release of his diss track, dropping one of his own “Over Hoes & Bitches (OHB).” The new track comes courtesy of an Akademiks premiere. You can hear it below.

Late Friday night (April 19), Chris Brown dropped off “Weakest Link,” which featured a voicemail from Quavo, Brown claiming to have sex with Saweetie while she dated Quavo and a wild Takeoff line.

In the opening voicemail, Chris Brown can be heard saying: “Now we can settle this like you got some class or we can get into some gangsta shit.” In response, Quavo said, “I don’t want no issues, I don’t want no smoke, I don’t wanna fight you.”

After a chant of “Who want smoke with me?” and calling Quavo “a bitch with dreads,” Chris Brown claims he had sex with Saweetie while she was dating Quavo.

“What’s all that boss shit you talkin’? You ain’t no huncho, nigga
You the weakest link outta yo’ clique, let’s keep it a hundo, nigga
You fucked my ex-ho, that’s cool, I don’t give no fuck, lil nigga
‘Cause I fucked yo’ ex when you were still with her, bitch, I’m up, lil nigga
They say revenge is sweet, now think about that shit
Don’t let that line go over your head, I might just sing about that shit
I had her fiending ’bout that dick, there’s something sweet about that shit
I got some tea up out that bitch, but I ain’t go speak about that shit”

Following that set, Breezy claims Quavo beat Saweetie in the elevator and that he wanted to beat the Migo at Fashion Week but wouldn’t mess up his money. Then the diss hits another level:

“You know it’s on, put you to bed, night, night, that’s Sudafed
Show me that I’m tender, bitch, time to prove what you just said
R.I.P. Takeoff, he the only real one, I got true respect
Crazy how when he died, everybody really wished it was you instead
You trippin’, Chris, don’t say that, don’t lose your head”

And now we go to the Saweetie reaction:

You can hear the single below.

The post Karrueche Speaks on Chris Brown and Quavo Beefing Over Her: ‘I Just Want Peace’ first appeared on The Source.

The post Karrueche Speaks on Chris Brown and Quavo Beefing Over Her: ‘I Just Want Peace’ appeared first on The Source.