Lil Tjay Arrested For The Second Time In 2023 In Connection To Gun Charge

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According to several confirmed reports, Bronx drill rapper Lil Tjay has been arrested for the second time in two weeks for failure to appear in court in relation to his felony gun possession charge that he caught at the Ice Spice video shoot earlier this month.

Dawn Florio, attorney for Lil Tjay aka Tione Merrit, says about Tjay’s most recent arrest, “Lil Tjay was not rearrested for another gun charge. He was excused from appearing in court last Friday by the arraignment Judge. Another Judge revoked his bond and put him back in jail for missing court on Friday even though he was told by the first Judge that he did not have appear. Lil Tjay’s family posted the bail yesterday and he is free. It is so unfortunate that he had to be jailed for something that was not his fault.”

Tjay was originally arrested for felony gun possession on January 16 at an Ice Spice video shoot in the Bronx. The NYPD conducted a search on a vehicle that was illegally parked containing Lil Tjay and four other individuals and uncovered four firearms. Tjay was arrested, but bonded out the next day.

Florio claims that Tjay’s arrest was a result of an illegal search and says that she can prove that the illegal weapons did not belong to her client.

Tjay’s next court appearance is scheduled for February 14.

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