Museum Of Graffiti To Presents “Gray Matter 3.0: The Chromatic Works Of Doze Green”

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The Museum of Graffiti is pleased to announce the upcoming opening of a solo exhibition by graffiti and contemporary artist Doze Green. The show opens on July 28, 2022 and will be on view through Aug 28, 2022.

Gray Matter 3.0 consists of monochromatic works created with mixed media on canvas and paper that are an exploration of the human consciousness rooted in the artist’s study of the Swiss psychoanalyst Carl Jung. Green explores the four Jungian archetypes: the Persona, the Animus, the Shadow, and the Self. Green’s paintings convey a sense of discordant emotions, chaotic flux, fear, loss, and the inner conflicts experienced in our psyche. In each painting, Green is a presenting an interpretation on the collective state of the human experience and his own efforts to pierce the veil of the unconscious mind. Green states, “the series explores finding the truest version of the self. What have we compromised with our current state of being?”

The artist presents figures emerging out of the gray monochromatic layers of overlapping paint and semitransparent glazes. In Green’s lines there is a sense of urgency – white lines represent the soul all with a direct line to the divine. Black overtones represent protection from the clouded memories and words that spill onto the paintings in gray washes and transparent whites. On canvas, the figures are in transformation to become their higher self and thus emerging semi-revealed, overlapping, and partially concealed. For Green, this energy and motion of created forms exist in a visual meeting place of ideas. Influenced by Edo period paintings, Green mixes black gesso with Sumi ink and applies “creatively chaotic, and intuitive brushstrokes” in a calligraphy-inspired and graffiti aesthetic.

Doze began creating art on the street and on trains in NYC in the 1980s when Hip-Hop was in its heyday, and B-Boys (break dancers) ruled the streets. Doze polished his craft, led by intuitive flow, and advanced from letterforms to character forms. He was the first of his peers to create a style of drawing that has been adopted by graffiti artists around the world. Breaking away from his old “mugsy” characters Doze moved on to illustrate and paint biological entities of the metaphysical spirits. His work celebrates his Cubist influences and includes ascending and descending planes and repetitive, overlapping, and concentric lines in an otherwise undefined landscape.

Tickets: General Admission tickets are $16; Children 13 and under are free. Tickets are available online and include access to all museum exhibitions. To purchase tickets, visit our website from your desktop at home or your mobile device, 

Hours: The Museum of Graffiti is open from 11 AM – 6 PM on weekdays and 11AM– 7PM on weekends. Please check for special holidays, extended hours, and unexpected closings.

Location: The Museum of Graffiti, located at 276 NW 26th Street, Miami, FL 33127.

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