Quentin Miller Says Big Sean Ghosted Him After Contributing to “Blessings”

Quentin Miller Says He Never Got Paid from Drake Songs

Quentin Miller is speaking his truth. Miller, best known for his contributions to some of Drake’s 2015 project, If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late, had expressed his disappointment in Big Sean after the Detroit rapper ghosted him when it came time to pass out songwriting credits.

In an interview on Vlad TV, Quentin Miller states, “Big Sean, man, that really broke my heart, man. My first time meeting Big Sean was with the ‘Blessings’ song way back in the day. I remember meeting him in the studio with Drake. He kept asking about parts of the song. Eventually, after the third time he asked, Drake told him, ‘Yo, me and Q…’ Whatever, that’s what they called him.”

Released in 2015, “Blessings” is a collaborative effort between Big Sean, Drake, and Kanye West found on Big Sean’s album Dark Sky Paradise. And depending on if Miller would be considered a “ghostwriter” on the record, the Atlanta artist reveals he would have appreciated cash upfront. 

Miller states that after the “Blessings” sessions, Big Sean recruited him to work on his collaborative project with producer Hit-Boy, titled What You Expect.

Miller continues, “So when I get to working with Sean on this last project, the What You Expect  with Hit-Boy, I’m part of three songs. There’s only six songs on there. Man we texting and talking every day. I’m pulling up on Sean’s crib like every other day. I remember one day I’m at his crib, I see the BET Hip Hop Award for ‘Blessings’. I’m like man, I didn’t know it won an award. He’s like ‘yeah bro you don’t even know, that song helped me a lot.’ I’m like, this a full circle moment.”

“So I’m really looking forward to it,” Miller states. “Maybe a week before the album drops, he’s just not responding to me at all. A week before, I’m in the studio with Hit-Boy, I randomly hear in a conversation with Hit, he’s got an album dropping in a week. I’m like what? I didn’t even know. I start hitting him, then I’m getting texts from his manager. Now I’m only getting texts from his manager. What happened?”

He reveals that after the project releases, the paperwork was incomplete and Miller’s name was not on the credits. In fact, his name wasn’t on the credits for the first three months. 

“I’m blowing them up like ‘yo wassup man?’ because I didn’t know we were doing the ghostwriter thing. If that was the case, I would have asked for some cash. They’re like ‘Nah man, until we get all the paperwork, we can’t get all the names on the credit.” But everybody else’s name is on there. The features, the keyboard players, everybody.”

Miller states Big Sean’s team tried to “play him on the publishing,” and he had to fight to get his credits. For the first few months, Miller’s name was only on one song on Spotify and decided to stay quiet about his contributions to the project. 

Miller closes by saying he was utterly “hurt and disappointed” by the entire situation. 

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