Saweetie Kicks Off Her Icy Baby Foundation

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Hometown superstar, Saweetie and her Icy Baby Foundation were in Oakland this weekend giving back. She held a financial empowerment kickoff event for the Icy Baby Foundation’s upcoming six-week financial literacy course.  The course is set to begin in January and is open to ages seven 7-17. The Icy Baby Foundation is currently hosting kickoff events on the West Coast before the program launch. Youth in attendance are eligible to receive a funded debit card, educational resources, and information about saving, budgeting, and financial planning.

Saweetie created the foundation with her grandmother, Roxane Harper to specifically financially empower Black and Brown youth through financial literacy and education.  The foundation’s mission is to cultivate entrepreneurial mindsets within underserved communities that enable people to make better life and career decisions despite setbacks or circumstances. 

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“I want to continue using my foundation and resources to financially empower young children and students, especially in Black and Brown communities. The long-term goal for the Icy Baby Foundation is to increase financial literacy amongst kids and propel them to brighter futures. My grandmother and I have worked on this for a few years so it’s exciting to implement this course and program for young people finally,” said Saweetie. 

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