Snoop Dogg Hits The Metaverse With New Video “Crip Ya Enthusiasm”

Snoop Dogg Crip Ya Enthusiasm Official Music Video 0 11 screenshot 1

Snoop Dogg officially dropped a groundbreaking visual for his track “Crip Ya Enthusiasm,” from his recent album, B.O.D.R. (Bacc on Death Row).

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The video was written and directed by Jesse Wellens and James Defina from Astro Project — the content studio that tells stories utilizing cutting-edge technology, and high-level creative talent, and then “gamifies” it. The digitally animated video takes fans into an inspired spin-off world of the infamous hit show, Curb Your Enthusiasm.  

A visionary and trailblazer, Snoop joined forces with Astro Project, to bring this visual into the Metaverse to leverage blockchain and Web3 to unlock endless possibilities.

Fans can grab and mint one of the 10,000 Astro donuts created at , where they can unlock and download ownable content, including gamified content and assets used from the music video to explore, interact and discover unique unlocks in the Astro Donuts virtual locations and use the Larry Dogg avatar.

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Snoop Dogg released B.O.D.R. in February 2022, after the announcement that he had acquired the Death Row Records brand, in which he was a founding member and was his debut label. B.O.D.R. was the first album through Death Row Records, now under Snoop Dogg’s ownership. B.O.D.R. is available everywhere here.

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