SOURCE SPORTS: EA & ESPN to Host Madden Ratings Week During NFL Programming

EA & ESPN to Host Madden Ratings Week During NFL Programming

EA SPORTS’ Madden NFL 23, which will be available worldwide on August 19, 2022, is bringing the most genuine 11v11 simulation football experience yet. ESPN today announced plans to sponsor Madden Ratings Week from July 18–23. This is the third consecutive Madden Ratings Week for ESPN.

NFL Live, SportsCenter, Get Up, and First Take will all have coverage in the week. Get Up will announce the Madden NFL “99 Club” members (those who received a score of 99 overall, the highest achievable in the game), and First Take, SportsCenter, and NFL Live will each day include a discussion of the top ten players at various positions. Additional player rankings, including rookie rankings and rankings for the other top 10 positions, will be made public on the official Madden NFL and ESPN social media channels.

“This is a very special year for the Madden community, as EA and ESPN honor the legacy of the late John Madden,” said Andy Tennant, Vice President, Exec Producer of Original Content. “We are always excited to bring an entire week of shows and content to the massive and dedicated community of Madden fans — which continues to grow. The fans want more, and more, on the ratings, on player reactions, and they want expert analysis, and we are committed to giving them what they crave. But this year there is also another layer, another element, and that is all about John Madden.” 

“Coach Madden demanded authentic football in the game that carried his name, and the passionate debate and conversation that surrounds Madden Ratings each year from football fans across the country highlights our commitment to accurately reflecting the reality of the NFL,” said Augusto Elias, Senior Director Brand Marketing, EA SPORTS. “To have Madden Ratings Week on ESPN for the third consecutive year is an amazing testament to Madden NFL’s continued influence in sports culture.”

At the end of the week, players will be interviewed by Laura Rutledge, Mina Kimes, and Louis Riddick for a 30-minute special that will run on ESPN on Saturday, July 23, at 9 p.m. ET.

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