Takeoff’s Accused Murderer Claims His Innocence

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Last week it was reported that 33-year-old Patrick Xavier Clark had been arrested and charged for the murder of Takeoff in Houston on November 1st. Authorities claim following Takeoff’s murder, Clark had applied for an emergency passport, planned to flee the country to Mexico, and was arrested with a large amount of cash on him.

However, despite claims that he killed the former member of the Migos, Clark said in a brief court appearance on Monday, December 5th, that he is innocent. Clark’s attorney Letitia Quinones stated that her client is “nervous” and “scared” because “he’s being charged with something that he believes he’s innocent of, so how would anyone do in that type of circumstance?”

When asked whether her client knew Takoff, Quinones said, “We really don’t want to go into the facts at this point.

“There is a lot of investigation that needs to be done,” she added. “So, we just ask that everyone keep an open mind and let the system do its part and let the Constitution do its part and that is, right now he’s innocent until he’s proven guilty.”

Clark is currently being held on $2 million bond.

Clark’s arrest makes the second in the case. Last month, 16-year-old Cameron Joshua, also known as Lil Cam, was arrested after surveillance footage found him brandishing a gun at the crime scene. However, prosectors don’t believe that he was the shooter and Cam was charged with felony unlawful carry of a weapon.

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