The Obamas Return To White House For Historic Unveiling Of Official Portraits

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The official portraits of Former President Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama are now on display at the White House.  The former First Couple returned to the White House for the unveiling of the historic portraits of the first Black President.  

President Biden honored the pair by saying, “Welcome home.”  He said Obama’s tenure was marked by integrity, decency, moral courage and doing what’s right.  Biden looked at Michelle Obama and noted, “He couldn’t have done it without you.” Calling the former FLOTUS, “one of the most consequential First Ladies.”

The former President praised Biden as a true partner and a good friend.  He also thanked members of his former staff, calling them talented, selfless and idealistic.

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First Lady Michelle Obama talked about raising two daughters in the White House for eight years and called it a special place.

Michelle also made comments that insiders believe were directed at the Trump administration. “The people make their voices heard with their vote,” and “we hold an inauguration to ensure a peaceful transition of power.” She added, “once our time is up, we move on.”

 The historic unveiling marks the return of the tradition of sitting presidents welcoming their predecessors for official portrait unveilings, regardless of party.

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