Tony Yayo Comments On PnB Rock’s Murder: ‘Every Rapper Is A Target’

PnB Rock’s untimely murder has sparked much conversation about the safety of rappers and how rappers are targeted by those trying to come up on money, jewlery, and other expensive items. Even before PnB Rock’s death, Ice-T even warned rappers about the dangers of coming to L.A. where he said there are over 50,000 active gang member. But the reality is, what happened to PnB Rock could happen in any hood in the U.S.

Tony Yayo recently chimed in on Rock’s death in a interview with VladTV, where the two spoke on the recent death, saying that “every rapper is a target.”

“When you really think about it, every rapper is a target. You a target. I mean I came up with 50 Cent so it was different because he was a target before he blew. He got shot 9 fucking times,” Yayo said. “We was riding around in the burgundy mini-van with no AC…like to this day I don’t walk to my car fast or nothing because, yo bro, nobody is exempt from nothing. You ain’t see the feds run up in Trump’s crib? That should tell you…anybody can get it.”

Yayo continued, recalling his time as a member of G-Unit and saying that he had to move differently because there were people who didn’t like him and wanted to rob him, or even kill him, for the jewelry he had on.

“You know being around G-Unit there was a lot of stick-up niggas around us I ain’t gonna lie to you. So I seen the way they move and these niggas be hungry. So now a nigga know in New York, know what a Richard Millie is, they know what an AP is. They know that that shit could change their life.”

“I like change too, this chain cost a ticket. But you know, I’m not just gonna. be in the middle of the hood, Compton or somewhere, or in the middle of the Bronx where mother fuckers are gonna be like Merry Christmas. ‘Cause that’s how a nigga in the street think. When they see this shit, Merry Christmas, and it’s like as a rapper you gotta get this shit. It’s nice shit.”

The former member of G-Unit ended by saying something that 50 Cent told him when he got his first Jacob watch: “beware a nigga will blow your head off for that.”

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