WATCH: Big Sean Brings “Blessings,” “IDFWU,” and More to NPR’s Tiny Desk

Big Sean Brings "Blessings," "IDFWU," and More to NPR's Tiny Desk

Following the release of his first solo track in two years, “Precision,” multi-platinum artist Big Sean graces the iconic NPR Tiny Desk Concert stage today. Backed by a talented ensemble, Big Sean offers a retrospective of his musical journey, seamlessly blending hits from his illustrious career.

From early favorites like “Memories” to chart-toppers such as “Blessings” and “Bounce Back,” Big Sean captivates with his masterful lyricism and quick wit. The performance reaches a poignant crescendo as the proud father premieres a teaser of his upcoming track, “On Up,” dedicated to his son, celebrating the joys of fatherhood.

Big Sean’s NPR Tiny Desk Concert showcases his musical legacy and evolution as an artist and a parent, leaving a lasting impression on audiences worldwide.

Big Sean ignited the music scene again with his latest single and video, “Precision,” now available via Def Jam Recordings. This release marks his first solo venture in two years, signaling the start of a new chapter for the rap sensation.

“Precision” showcases Big Sean’s signature lyrical prowess, delivered with rapid-fire precision over a dynamic blend of soulful samples and infectious beats. The accompanying music video adds visual flair to the track’s energetic vibe.

In addition to the single, Big Sean treats fans to a personal VLOG titled “Clarity,” offering a behind-the-scenes glimpse into his creative process and personal journey. Through intimate footage and reflections, the VLOG sets the stage for what promises to be an exciting season for Big Sean, hinting at the depth and innovation in his latest musical endeavors.

The post WATCH: Big Sean Brings “Blessings,” “IDFWU,” and More to NPR’s Tiny Desk first appeared on The Source.

The post WATCH: Big Sean Brings “Blessings,” “IDFWU,” and More to NPR’s Tiny Desk appeared first on The Source.