[WATCH] Dr. Dre Warned RBX About Taking Gifts From Suge Knight

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In an exclusive interview with The Art of Dialogue, former Death Row rapper RBX talked about a circumstance in 1995 when he was gifted a brand new 750 BMW by Death Row CEO Suge Knight. While the deep voiced “A.WO.L” rapper initially accepted the luxury gift, his lawyer warned him about accepting gifts from such a precarious boss.

“Everybody thought I was weird for a minute. And the reason they was thinking I was weird was ’cause I be turning down shit,” RBX said. “Somebody called me, boom. [They said] ‘Come get this Beamer, X.’ I said, ‘What?’ They said, ‘Suge bought you a brand new 750!’ Mind you, I had just seen Snoop about a week prior. Snoop had a cold 850. I told Suge I want me a black 750.”

He continued the story, saying, “[My lawyer] say, ‘Where you get a Beamer from?’ I say, ‘Suge.’ He say, ‘Mm-hmm. Did they give you the bill of sale to the Beamer?’ I say no. He say, ‘Do you have registration for the Beamer?’ I say no. He said, ‘What do you have in the muthafuckin’ BMW that says that you have permission to drive it?’ I say, ‘Nothing. I got the key!’”

RBX said that it wasn’t long after that he remembered the wisdom of mentor and Death Row in-house producer Dr. Dre. “Dre was part of the label, and every now and then he’ll give you a jewel,” he said. “You gotta listen to him when he say some shit ’cause he not gon’ keep saying it to you. He gon’ say it once and if you don’t catch it then you probably won’t catch it. He was saying something like, ‘If it ain’t registered in your name, it’s not yours. It belong to somebody else.’ And that just stuck. So kudos to Dre.”

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