[WATCH] Neighbor Charged in Terrell Owens Case

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Back in August retired NFL player Terrell Owens posted video of a racially charged encounter with a white woman from his neighborhood. The woman was seen on camera policing his driving, cursing him out, then bursting into tears when the cops arrive.
The neighbor has been charged with filing a false police report.

From The Daily Mail

The Florida woman who went viral over a neighborhood argument with NFL legend Terrell Owens has been charged with knowingly giving false information to police about the racially charged confrontation on August 3.

Caitlin Davis, a white 38-year-old, was charged with the second-degree misdemeanor last week and is due back in a Broward County courtroom on December 6, according to records obtained by DailyMail.com. It remains unclear what, specifically, she is being accused of lying about, but she did say Owens was driving dangerously.

She was unable to support her allegations, according to the reporting officer’s statement, obtained by DailyMail.com.

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