[WATCH] Shannon Sharpe Reveals Why He Put Football Before Marriage And Kids


Shannon Sharpe recently revealed he was so consumed with football that it kept him from getting married. 
Shannon has a YouTube show called Club Shay Shay which airs a weekly podcast with Influencers, professional athletes, and celebrities where they talk about hot topics, music, sports, life, and more. In the recent edition of the podcast, he talked about or sort of revealed why he never got married.

The 54-year-old won three Super Bowls during his stint – two back-to-back with the Broncos and one with the Baltimore Ravens. He was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2011. Post-retirement, Shannon Sharpe was an analyst for CBS Sports before he finally joined Skip Bayless for Fox Sports 1’s talk show Skip and Shannon: Undisputed. The former tight end, along with the veteran sports columnist talk, about football and basketball and give their expert opinions to sports fanatics.

Sharpe was joined by former Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chad Johnson aka Chad Ochocinco. The two talked on a range of topics starting from Ochocinco’s married life to Super Bowl starters Patrick Mahomes and Jalen Hurts and training with “Fighter of the Decade” Floyd Mayweather Jr. During one such conversation, Sharpe talked about his views on marriage and why he never got hitched.

Shannon said, “I would’ve loved to have gotten married earlier in my career but my career was the most important thing. So, I was no good. I would’ve been a terrible father. I probably was a terrible brother, a terrible son. I definitely was a terrible boyfriend because football was the most important thing. I was consumed with that.”

He shared the  reason why he was so consumed with football was that he wanted to improve his family’s condition. He shared that if he had kids then he would never have wanted them to spend even a single hour as he spent during his childhood.

“But now as I started to realize as I have gotten older in my life. Everything I’ve accumulated in my life doesn’t mean anything if I don’t have anybody to share with and it took me spending time alone to realize that,” he added.

Shannon also shared that he wants a life partner that brings something to the table. He doesn’t want her to be entirely dependent on him. He even stressed the fact that he won’t be any less interested if the prospective Mrs. Sharpe has any kids from her previous relationship. Sharpe will graciously accept them as his own.

“Over the last couple of years I have sat down and realized I need to find someone to love me like I love football like I love Undisputed,”

Watch the video below!

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