[WATCH] TikTok Chef And Prosecutor Loses Brand Deals Following Resurfaced Tweets About Black Women

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Chef Way, a popular chef on TikTok and Prosecutor, has been getting dragged for resurfaced tweets trashing black and dark-skinned women. He issued an apology, but that wasn’t enough to save his endorsement deal. A number of tweets have resulted in the chef issuing apologies to save his coins from disappearing.

Chef Way (real name Waymond Wesley) came under fire online from a number of women who proved he harassed them on social media with receipts.

It started when one of the chef’s TikTok videos cooking oxtail pasta went viral. A Twitter user pointed out to Chef Way how he was getting dragged for years-old tweets and comments, many of which included insults against Black women.

His resurfaced tweets contained remarks about Sandra Bland, a victim of police brutality, dark-skinned women, and women’s body types.

In one tweet, which was manually retweeted in July 2015, Wesley (tweeting under the handle @WaymoTheGod) suggested that “if black lives mattered to sandra bland she wouldn’t have taken her own life.”

In another, Chef Way commented on one photo that “smh the dark one messed up the pic” in response to a dark-skinned Black woman posing in a photo with another woman, and then one of his followers replied by cropping her out of the photo. In another old tweet, Wesley posted a photo of a light-skinned woman, using it to fat shame and insult anyone with a darker skin tone.

“This is the perfect size woman and skin tone,” he wrote. “She’s healthy. Anything bigger/darker than this is garbage.”

After the initial criticism, the chef issued an apology on Twitter and Instagram, saying he had been “sick in more ways than one” during that time and that since then, “cooking” had saved him.

Chef Way’s apology fell on deaf ears, which resulted in him losing his partnership with Anova Culinary, a San Francisco-based smart kitchen company.

“We’re ending our affiliation with chef way, asap,” wrote CEO Stephen Svajian via Twitter. “Formal statement coming soon. Thanks for bringing the issue to my attention.”

He continued, “I believe that brands are about values. We want to partner with individuals that reflect our own values. Chef way clearly does not represent the values that we hold dear. Thanks to those that called this out. We need to do a better job vetting people that represent our brand.”

Look at the tweets below…

Should we believe cooking has changed the chef’s insensitive views?

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